Popsa uses Rittman Analytics for clear views of marketing and finance analytics

Technologies Used

Vital Stats


eCommerce, Mobile Apps, Machine Learning, Printing

Company size:
25 - 50 employees

London, UK

The download

Popsa’s mission is to bring customisable goods to a new audience using the latest technology and the best user experience. Using machine learning technology that puts together the most appropriate photobook layout in just a few tenths of a second, Popsa’s mobile app does the hard work so that their customers can focus on the finishing touches.

Seeking data agile and insights

Growth in the business and increasing bottlenecks in providing data to the business had led Popsa to invest in Looker Data Platform as their analytics platform, and now they were looking for a partner to implement Looker and a financial data lake using Amazon Athena, a serverless, interactive query service that queries and analyses data in Amazon S3 using standard SQL.

With Christmas fast approaching and Popsa’s engineering resource at a premium, Wire delivered an initial set of Finance reports by connecting Looker directly to Popsa’s Amazon Athena data lake and leveraged pre-built LookML finance data models from Rittman Analytics for fast project time-to-value.

Over subsequent delivery sprints Rittman Analytics then extended the solution to include marketing and advertising spend, giving Popsa’s team an end-to-end view of customer acquisition cost, revenue and channel effectiveness ready in-time for their busiest trading period of the year.

“Rittman Analytics gave us that end-to-end view of customer acquisition cost, revenue and channel effectiveness”

Tom Cohen
CTO, Popsa


Centralized financial data

Reduced engineering workload

Scalable data architecture

Rittman Analytics Services:

Data Pipelines & Centralization KPI Dashboards Metrics Layers

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