The Ageras Group uses Rittman Analytics to accelerate their analytics delivery.

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Finance and accounting

Company Size:
200 employees

Copenhagen, Denmark

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The Ageras Group is the home of several brands that provide different financial offerings to help micro-businesses succeed. Billy, Meneto and Tellow provides accounting platforms and services and Ageras is a marketplace for connecting accountants with clients.


The Group found itself in an all too common situation of having multiple different dashboards, created by many different people and utilising data from many different sources but without alignment on data definitions. This meant data was not trusted between stakeholders. Additionally, there was a lot of data that had not been visualised at all, resulting in the Group missing out on making data-driven decisions.

In a quest to avoid the trap of comparing apples and oranges when different people create dashboards and analysis using their own definitions of the data, The Group decided to strictly follow the dbt approach for transforming data in a structured and documented way.


With a brand new analytics team in place without a lot of experience with dbt and Looker, The Ageras Group partnered with Rittman Analytics to help get a head start on a mature process.

“Rittman Analytics helped us to jump-start our analytics and deliver high-quality data, right from the start ”

Jesper Holm Olsen
Product Manager, Ageras Group


Improved Financial Reporting Reliability

Increased Metrics Alignment

Increased Business Agility

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