Product Analytics

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Do you want to own your product’s data and go beyond the analytics found in SaaS walled gardens?


See which features of your product are used, and which ones aren’t used


Answer questions such as “are our users on the edge of cancelling?” and “are we serving the struggles of our users or are we over-serving them?”


Understand whether making a change to the marketing funnel increases user trust and the quality of referrals.


Think more strategically about your product, now the tactical is taken care of - for example, are you on your way to reaching product-market fit?


Product Analytics

Rittman Analytics builds modern, modular, scalable and agile data stacks that deliver the most valuable insights to grow your product.

Understand User Behavior

How do customers use your product? What does their buying journey look like? How do you fit in that journey? Why do they behave the way they do? What keeps them engaged? Or what’s pushing them out?

Measure Usage, Engagement and Revenue

Correlate usage patterns with KPIs such as Daily Active User/Monthly Active Users, Adoption rate and Monthly/Annual Recurring Revenue by centralizing your product analytics data and connecting it to your revenue and customer data.

Cohorting and Segmentation

Cohort your users by date of first sign-up to understand whether engagement and retention have improved or worsened over time; Segment your users by value or lifecycle stage to understand in which markets you've achieved product-market fit.

Modern Data Stack

Centralize your product analytics. customer and revenue data to gain clear insights into the impact of product changes, friction points, and differences in behavior across customer segments.

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