Operational Analytics

Get a complete end-to-end view of your business so that you can run your operations more effectively.

Why Operational analytics?

Getting a complete, end-to-end view of business performance is a challenge. Each of SaaS applications used to run your business can become its own silo of information, reporting on its own narrow view of the business rather than the end-to-end processes that need optimisation. Standard sales reports won’t use the defined pipeline stages, finance packages won’t consolidate your numbers and producing reports takes hours. Here’s how we can help:


Identify and successfully measure key metrics that can allow organisational teams to grow efficiently.


Obtain valuable insights that inform your business performance by combining finance, operations and customer data.


Forecast revenue for future months and predict project resource allocation.


Operational Analytics

Rittman Analytics specialises in building scalable, flexible data stacks for fast-growing businesses to help them run their business operations more effectively.

Operational Success Metrics

We identify important KPIs that show progress towards your business objectives and then deliver actionable insights into each metric.

Integrate all your SaaS Data Sources

Rittman Analytics is an authorised partner for Fivetran, Segment, Stitch, dbt and Snowflake and have standarised data integration adapters for all your SaaS data sources.

Self-Service Data Insights

We democratize access to your operational data by providing self-service query and dashboarding using Looker and other popular BI tools.

Modern Data Stack

We partner with Google Cloud Platform, Snowflake and other modern data stack vendors and provide full implementation, training and end-user support

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