Modern Data Stack Healthcheck

How healthy is your data stack?

While every fast-growing and innovative business understands the value of data, too often the modern data stack they're building isn't making the most of it. Years of rapid growth has left data in silos, poorly-connected and not easily accessible by the business users that need it.

And when it is, sometimes those users don’t possess the necessary skills to make the most of it. They want to use data to make better decisions and create competitive advantage, but can't do so right now.

At Rittman Analytics, our Modern Data Stack Health Check service gets to the detail of how you're currently using and building your data stack, and compares it to industry best-practices. Together we'll evaluate whether or not your investment has delivered the value it should have, create an action plan and work with your team to make your data stack world-class.


Increase user satisfaction with the quality and availability of data and insights


Improve user engagement and enable more data-driven decisions


Improve alignment of your data team with your organisation's goals


Reduce and control the ongoing cost of your cloud infrastructure


Modern Data Stack Healthcheck

Over the course of two weeks, our team will conduct a thorough review of your modern data stack, understanding and reviewing it against the original and current goals for your business and auditing the technology, data, processes, and user experience.

Modern Data Stack Healthcheck Key Features

Business Goals and Objectives

We undertake an end-to-end review of the design, implementation and use of your data stack, and compare the direction of your data team with your organisational goals.

Data Audit and Technical Review

We carry out a thorough review of people, processes and technologies (such as Looker, Snowflake, dbt and other products in the modern data stack ecosystem) in your organization, and identify areas of excellence and areas of weakness.
Our team are certified dbt, Looker and vendor tool developers, and have worked on significant numbers of successful data stack implementations - and know also where they can go wrong.

Recommendations and Delivery Plan

You’ll receive a written report with clearly assessed scoring covering systematic processes, appropriateness of technologies and their alternatives, and independent review of people covering technical, business, people and leadership skills. We support the review with clear actionable steps to help ensure that weaknesses are addressed through training and prioritisation.

How effective is your modern data stack?

How does it benchmark?

How does it compare to similar organizations, what does good look like and how does your data stack rank in comparison?

How accessible is your data?

Does every part of your business have access to accurate and easy to understand data to support business decisions?

How effective is your strategy?

Do you have a data strategy in place to ensure that you differentiate your brand and create competitive advantage through data?

Interested in getting a Data Stack Health Check?

Why are your data stack projects not successful? Our modern data stack health check service will provide you with the insights to drive your business goals forward.

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