dbt Consulting and Support

dbt Consulting and Support

dbt is an open-source tool and accompanying commercial web service that enables data analysts and engineers to transform data in their warehouses more effectively and own the entire analytics engineering workflow; dbtCloud is a cloud service for managing your analytics engineering workflow in one place.

Rittman Analytics is an Preferred Consulting Partner for dbt, working with our clients, the community and the wider dbt ecosystem to get the most out of this open-source analytics framework and accompanying commercial dbtCloud service. Now we’re ready to do the same for you and your business.


Consulting and support to get your business up and running with dbt


Model and transform your SaaS and application data using a modern analytics workflow


Training on our Standard Operating Procedure for dbt development, best practices and design approaches


Mentoring and guidance from our team of dbt Labs-certified analytics engineers


Getting Started with dbt

This service package is designed for data teams within an organization who are using, or planning to use, dbt as part of their modern data stack and are looking to training, support and mentoring in best practices with this tool.

It assumes that the data team have some basic knowledge of database and data warehouse design principle, have identified the initial data sources for their data warehouse and are reasonably familiar with tools and concepts such as git, unit testing and dimensional modeling.

dbt Co-Development Sprints

Two-week duration data analytics delivery sprints, provided remotely to build and deliver your initial dbt content

Initial delivery sprint(s) will primarily be delivered by Rittman Analytics analytics engineers with the involvement of client staff in an observing/consulting/explaining role

Later sprint(s) will primarily be delivered by client team with Rittman Analytics reviewing, helping design and mentoring

Workshop Sessions

Workshop sessions for initial team briefing and project scoping; design sessions at the start of each sprint, briefing sessions along with ad-hoc one-to-one training and mentoring sessions during the sprints.

Best Practices, Design Patterns & dbt Method

Training on our Standard Operating Procedure for dbt development, sharing of best practices and design approaches and access to our library of pre-build dbt project content

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