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Centralise your data in a modern data stack

Agile consulting services to extract, transform and centralize all of your data using a modern, modular and scalable cloud data stack.

Analytics Solutions that Scale

Rittman Analytics is on a mission to modernise your data stack, together with our partners at Snowflake, Segment, Rudderstack, Google, dbt Labs and Fivetran.

We make it easy for businesses to get the most out of their data by providing a complete, end-to-end solution that is easy to use, scales with your business and is delivered right-first-time within weeks, not months.

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Single source of truth

Connect your ad network data data to your operational systems to discover which channels bring-in your best customers; connect your CRM data to your finance data to calculate your customer profitability; connect it all together to get a single, consistent view of each of your customers.

Modern Data Stack

Our analytics solutions are built on a modular modern, modular and scalable data stack based around a cloud data warehouse and loaded using an Extract, Load and Transform (ELT) approach.

Mature analytics workflow

No longer do analysts need to work in isolation with siloed knowledge. and little code-reuse. Our workflows are based around dbt and enable code-reuse and collaboration within your data team, producing high quality data assets at a velocity matching that of your business.

Barriers to centralising your data

Unfamiliar territory

Unfamiliarity on how to integrate products into a coherent data architecture

Inexperienced delivery

No project delivery experience in implementing a data centralisation project

No resources

Lack of human capital in the market to hire-in and provide data experience

Product knowledge

Lack of implementation skills for products within the modern data stack

Lack of agility

Data teams inexperienced with agile delivery, software development practices and tools like dbt

Why Rittman Analytics?


Our own IP, processes, and delivery method takes the theory of mature BI workflows and the modern data stack and turns it into a standard operating procedure for delivering BI content.


Wide and deep relationships with vendors, partners and thought leaders within the industry - we know everyone and everything going on in the market.


We’re a focused, boutique operation and very hands-on - you get to work with and have your team mentored and trained by the principals in the business. We’re small enough to care still and you get direct contact with experienced folks with skin in the game for making your project a success.

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