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Defining your data strategy

Brand differentiation today is all about how you manage your data.
We’re a specialist data analytics consultancy that helps businesses modernise their data stack and increase their analytics maturity.

Building data excellence

Every Rittman Analytics engagement starts with a Data Strategy sprint to review and confirm requirements, assess current state and define a data strategy and data architecture that scales with your ambition. source data audit and planning.

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Domain Knowledge

Rittman Analytics brings expert domain knowledge to projects in our core industries: Fintech, Ecommerce, Edutech, Marketplaces and SaaS. Read these pages or explore our case studies to see the type of business questions we typically address.

Developing the roadmap

As we interview key team members and define what success looks like for you, we’ll plan the delivery sprints for your project. Rather than a big delivery at the end, we like to deliver value from the outset, addressing your more immediate data needs as we go.

Barriers to defining an analytics roadmap?


Not correctly framing the business questions can cause roadblocks later

Data naivety

Grappling with complex data infrastructure can lead to inefficiencies


Not establishing processes prevents progress


Not having the domain expertise can hamper execution

Not full-time

If data centralisation is someone’s pet project it won’t get done

Why Rittman Analytics


We have years of experience delivering data strategies for clients across multiple high-growth verticals.


We work day in and day out on modern data stack projects with a view to architecting better analytics solutions.


We pride ourselves on understanding customers' problems with a view to delivering useful solutions—fast!


Our goal is to help you to make more effective decisions by creating data excellence in the heart of your business.

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