Rittman Analytics solutions for marketplace businesses help you increase market liquidity and maximise network effects

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Marketplace clients

Data driven ecommerce

Data and analytics creates a seamless eCommerce experience and streamlines issues all along the customer journey

Customer data analytics

Understand who your valued customers are.

Marketing channel attribution

See which channels create an impact on client acquisition.

Product performance

Gain insightful performance forecasts for products.

How we help

Optimizing Your Market Liquidity

Our solutions track and analyze customer liquidity, seller liquidity and customer-to-seller-ratio to help you understand where to focus your aquisition spend and ensure market liquidity

Improving Customer and Seller Engagement

Analyze customer average order value, purchase frequency and seller concentration across channels and categories, track and analyze seller ramp-up rates to increase your marketplace GMV and take rate

Decreasing Cost of Acquisition

Understand and optimize your acquisition spend by identifying your best customers and sellers and attributing the value they bring to the marketing channels that influenced their acquisition

Increasing Conversion Rates

We measure your customer conversion funnel and see where most people drop off, enabling you to focus on fixing the bottleneck and see how those changes impact the funnel.

Alex Rose
Co-Founder, Let’s Do This

“A huge step forward that should drive competitive advantage over time”

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Marketplace case studies

See how our marketplace clients have mastered their data with our dbt services.

The Apex Group uses Wire to enable deeper insights

Let’s do this’ uses Rittman Analytics to centralise their business and athlete data

Florence uses Rittman Analytics to make smarter data-led decisions

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