We are Rittman Analytics. Our consulting, training, strategy and support services enables our clients to increase sales, serve customers better and run their operations more efficiently using software from Looker, Oracle, Segment, Fivetran, Qubit and Snowflake. We also present and sponsor the Drill to Detail Podcast, a series about innovation in the big data analytics industry.


Looker Data Analytics Consulting, Training and Support


Data Engineering and Data Warehouse Modernisation


Data Strategy and Driving Analytics Adoption


Rittman Analytics works in-partnership with the following technology partner vendors

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We love Looker, the way it so easily connects to your BigQuery or Redshift data warehouse and how it opens up the value in your data to everyone in your organisation.

We’ve delivered many projects using Looker on Redshift, Snowflake and Google BigQuery and can help you get started, sort-out and prepare your data ready for Looker and help bring in additional data sources once your initial dashboards are up-and-running.

Our services for Looker include:

  • Initial on-boarding, Proof-of-Concept (PoC) exercises and delivery of Looker’s Jumpstart Program

  • Connecting to warehouse and eCommerce sources such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Google Analytics and Qubit

  • Transforming and integrating data into Redshift, Postgres, BigQuery and Snowflake data warehouses

  • Driving user engagement and scaling analytics adoption

  • Performing one-off, high-value tasks "right first time"

  • Ongoing support and provision of managed services


Looker Data Analytics Consulting, Training and Support


Data Engineering & Data Warehouse Modernisation


Centralise your Data, Modernise your Data Warehouse

We specialise in consulting, strategy, migration and implementation services to help you build your elastic, cloud-hosted data warehouse, partnering with

  • Snowflake, for Snowflake Database

  • Google Cloud Platform, for Google BigQuery

  • Oracle, for Oracle Database and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud

Integrate your Data and Break-Down your Data Silos

Create zero-maintenance data pipelines, extract and transform your data using a modern ELT design approach to create a single, trusted, version of the truth using Rittman Analytics’ data engineering services and technology from our partners:

  • Stitch

  • Fivetran

  • Segment


We’re there at the start of your analytics journey, and we’ve got the capabilities and experience to guide and support you as your horizons and ambitions grow.

Modern analytics platforms demand new ways of delivering analytics projects, and like your engineering teams we run our projects agile and live our lives in Slack, Jira and Hangouts.


Our services include

  • Data-readiness before analytics roll-out

  • Design and developer guidance + training

  • Security and integration with Google Auth

  • Data integration from SaaS apps via Fivetran

  • Data Warehouse review, optimization and cloud migration to Snowflake or BigQuery

We can also take-care of the day-to-day management of your Looker, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle and Fivetran services for clients without their own IT support team.


Data Strategy and
Project Implementation


About Us

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Introducing Rittman Analytics


Rittman Analytics Limited is a consultancy founded in 2018 by Mark Rittman, previously founder of another analytics consultancy and ex-Product Manager for Analytics at Qubit. We provide specialist analytics, database and data engineering consulting, advisory, training and platform managed services for clients in the UK, Northern Europe and USA in partnership with Looker and other modern analytics and data management software vendors

Who Are Our Typical Clients?

Our clients include a number of small to medium-size technology startups implementing Looker for the first time and who need help in getting their data ready for analysis, creating their analytics strategy and then implementing a data warehouse and data pipeline to enable their Looker implementation.

We also work with more established clients who may have implemented Looker already and now wish to take their implementation to the next stage, bringing in more data sources and providing guidance to their internal team in how to get the most out of their analytics investment. We also work with a number of clients using tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Oracle Analytics Cloud and Google Data Studio and can offer a full range of project advisory, data engineering and database optimisation, managed services and training services to support our clients.

Who Do We Partner With?

Rittman Analytics works in partnership with Looker, Qubit, Stitch, dbt, Fivetran, Segment, Snowflake and Oracle Corporation. We work closely with our partners to ensure our services are of the highest technical quality and our joint clients have access to the widest and most suitable range of services and software to meet their particular needs.


Looking for a New Challenge?

We’re growing fast and looking for smart, dynamic and data-driven people to join our team to work on projects in the UK, Europe and remote for customers world-wide.

Roles we’re currently recruiting for are listed below, where you can view more details of each role and apply online.

Careers with
Rittman Analytics

Us Now

If we can help with your analytics project or provide some advice around Looker, Snowflake, Fivetran, Segment, Qubit or Oracle analytics and data management projects then leave your details below or we can schedule a call to discuss your needs at a time convenient to you.

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