How does your pricing work and do you offer discounts?

Simon Hix

Each engagement is priced according to the level of resource needed to meet client requirements, using a starting point of a two-week duration sprint delivering 30 story points priced at £7500 (or local equivalent) and that price increasing in-proportion to the actual number of story points required for the sprint; for example a sprint requiring 60 story points would be priced at (£7500/30*60) = £15000.

For estimating purposes we consider one story point to be an amount of effort that could on-average be delivered by a suitably-experienced, i.e. senior, consultant within our team, whereas that same story point might take a more junior member of our team 1.5 hours; by pricing by story point we therefore ensure that clients receive the same amount of effort and value regardless of the seniority of team members that we assign to their project.