Frequently asked questions

How long is a typical client engagement?

A typical client engagement starts with a sprint for discovery, source data audit and planning then runs for an initial three months. Most engagements then continue for 6 to 12 months depending on scope and budget, however, your contractual commitment is only to the sprint we’re currently in the process of delivering. For longer engagements, we also offer fully managed services, support and training over one, two and three-year contracts.

Further details on how we deliver projects can be found on our How we work page.

What type and size of business do we work with?

Our clients are usually SMB (25-100 employees) or Mid-Market (100-500 employees) businesses with Series A or later stage funding in the eCommerce, SaaS, Fintech, Gaming or Telecoms verticals, or more established businesses looking to modernise their analytics platform and delivery workflow.

What countries and regions do you provide services in?

The majority of our clients are based in the United Kingdom, United States of America and Canada but we also have worked with clients in Northern Europe (primarily Sweden and other Scandinavian countries), South-East Asia (South Korea) and South America (Colombia). Visit our clients page to see who we work with.

What do we get in a delivery sprint?

Our aim with a delivery sprint is to set the scope to be big enough to deliver a meaningful amount of value, but not so much that the team loses focus. At the start of each sprint we collaboratively set the scope, and over a series of sprints we deliver a complete analytics solutions, for example a customer analytics solution sourcing data from Hubspot and Salesforce.

Who would work on one of our sprints?

Every sprint has a named Analytics Engineer as your main day-to-day contact, supported by a Customer Success Manager and our CEO, Mark Rittman, as executive sponsor and technical lead. Our delivery sprints are resourced on a fractional basis with each analytics engineer typically looking after two client projects at any one time.

Do your consultants work on-site or remotely?

Our services are exclusively delivered remotely from our offices in Brighton, UK. We’re happy to visit your offices for meetings, workshops and to run training events (especially if you’re located somewhere we’d love to visit!) but would need to recharge travel and accommodation expenses if you’re further than a normal day’s travel away from our HQ.

See our Who we are page for more details on our team.

How does your pricing work and do you offer discounts?

Each engagement is priced according to the level of resource needed to meet client requirements, using a starting point of a two-week duration sprint delivering 30 story points priced at £7500 (or local equivalent) and that price increasing in-proportion to the actual number of story points required for the sprint; for example a sprint requiring 60 story points would be priced at (£7500/30*60) = £15000.

For estimating purposes we consider one story point to be an amount of effort that could on-average be delivered by a suitably-experienced, i.e. senior, consultant within our team, whereas that same story point might take a more junior member of our team 1.5 hours; by pricing by story point we therefore ensure that clients receive the same amount of effort and value regardless of the seniority of team members that we assign to their project.