Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics solutions from Rittman Analytics and our partners at Looker, Stitch, Snowflake and Segment can help you

  • Discover your best customers, and what turns a one-off shopper into a loyal, repeat customer

  • Estimate the lifetime value of your customers and how much you can spend on acquiring new ones

  • Segment and cohort your customer base to better understand their needs and behavior

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eCommerce Analytics

Analytics solutions from Rittman Analytics can help you:

  • Calculate your churn rate and visualize your user engagement

  • Identify early which products are winners and losers

  • Use data-driven insights from your customers to improve experience and increase sales.

“What’s our Net Margin, and How Can We Improve It?

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“How Can I Bring our Analytics “Alive”?

“How Do I Improve our Analytics User Adoption?”


“… and How Do We Actually Get Started?”