Drill to Detail Ep.81 ‘Meltano, Singer Taps and Open-Source Data Pipelines’ with Special Guest Douwe Maan

Mark Rittman

Mark Rittman is joined in this episode by GitLab.com Lead Developer Douwe Maan to discuss the history of the open-source Meltano project and its recent refocus on becoming the “glue” that creates open-source data pipelines, using plugin technologies such as Singer Taps and dbt transformations.

Meltano homepage and quickstart demo

Hey, data teams – We’re working on a tool just for you

Revisiting the Meltano strategy: a return to our roots

Why we are building an open source platform for ELT pipelines

Singer – Simple, Composable, Open Source ETL

dbt Models – Everything is a select

Meltano Slack Community