Drill to Detail Ep.79 ‘Scaling the Modern Data Analytics Stack’ with Special Guests Drew Banin and Stewart Bryson

Mark Rittman

Mark Rittman is joined by special guests Drew Banin, co-founder of Fishtown Analytics and maintainer of dbt (data build tool) and Stewart Bryson, long-time friend of the show and CEO/Co-founder of Red Pill Analytics to talk about scaling modern data stack projects from startups to the enterprise; how do you deal with data quality issues when there’s no central record of customers, how do we introduce data governance, enterprise requirements and meet the needs of enterprise architects and how do we scale concepts such as agile and analytics as engineering beyond our initial champion and data team?

The dbt Viewpoint

Fishtown Analytics and Drew Banin

Multi-Channel Marketing Attribution using Segment, Google BigQuery, dbt and Looker

Getting Started with dbt.

Red Pill Analytics