Drill to Detail Ep.78 ‘Coronavirus, Shutdowns and the Data Analytics Industry’ with Special Guest Seth Rosen

Mark Rittman

In this special episode of Drill to Detail Mark Rittman is joined by Seth Rosen, Co-Founder and Principal at Hashpath to talk about the impact of COVID-19 and the subsequent economic shutdown on the business of analytics and product startups, the work being done in the community to help find a cure and the role that data and analytics can have in accelerating the post-shutdown recovery.

“A COVID-19 Dashboard for Massachusetts using Looker and BigQuery” – Hashpath.com blog

“The Virus Survival Strategy for your Startup”

“COVID-19: Implications for business” – McKinsey

“As COVID-19 data sets become more accessible, novel coronavirus pandemic may be most visualized ever” – ZDNet.com

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