Drill to Detail Ep.64 ‘Google BigQuery, BI Engine and the Future of Data Warehousing’ with Special Guest Jordan Tigani

Mark Rittman

Mark Rittman is joined in this episode by Jordan Tigani, Director of Product Management at Google for Google BigQuery, to talk about the history of BigQuery and its technology origins in Dremel; how BigQuery has evolved since its original release to handle a wide range of data warehouse workloads; and new features announced for BigQuery at Google Next’19 including BI Engine, Storage API, Connected Sheets and a range of new data connectors from Supermetrics and Fivetran.

Modern Data Warehousing with BigQuery (Cloud Next ’19)

Modern data warehousing with BigQuery: a Q&A with Engineering Director Jordan Tigani

Introduction to BigQuery BI Engine

BigQuery Storage API Overview

Supermetrics and Fivetran BigQuery connectors

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