Drill to Detail Ep.49 ‘Trifacta, Google Cloud Dataprep and Data Wranging for Data Engineers’ With Special Guest Will Davis

Mark Rittman

Mark Rittman is joined by Will Davis from Trifacta to talk about the public beta of Google Cloud Dataprep, Trifacta’s data wrangling platform and topics including metadata management, data quality and data management for big data and cloud data sources.

Google Cloud Dataprep on Google Cloud Platform

“Google Cloud Dataprep: Spreadsheet-Style Data Wrangling Powered by Google Cloud Dataflow”

“A New Cloud-Based Data Prep Solution from Google & Trifacta”

Trifacta website

“A Breakthrough Approach to Exploring and Preparing Data”

Trifacta platform architecture

“Garbage In, Garbage Out: Why Data Quality Matters”

“How to Put an Effective Metadata Strategy in Place”