Qubit uses Rittman Analytics to upgrade its BI and data analytics

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201-500 employees

London, UK


Qubit believes in the power of data to get you closer to your customers, and Qubit Pro is the fastest, most scalable personalisation platform available today. With a deeper understanding of every visitor and all of their interactions you can deliver targeted experiences that improve long-term customer loyalty, revenue per visitor and customer lifetime value.

The highly granular, low-latency behavioural, quantitative and qualitative data Qubit collects for brands is made available for analysis using Qubit Live Tap, accessed through vertical-specific Google BigQuery Business Views and a Looker Source Block for use with the Looker BI tool, the preferred analytics platform for Qubit Live Tap.


Qubit had a need to migrate all standard and customised Live Tap Business Views from BigQuery Legacy SQL to Standard SQL and to use this opportunity to implement table partitioning to improve the response time of user queries. As Mark Rittman was the original product manager for Qubit Live Tap Business Views and the Qubit Looker Source Block and is now a Qubit Partner, Rittman Analytics was engaged to carry-out the migration and to upgrade the accompanying Looker Source Block.

Rittman Analytics carried out the migration efficiently and delivered the improvement in query response time with the introduction of BigQuery table partitioning.

“Rittman Analytics possess that deep technical knowledge of Google BigQuery and Looker”

Henry Porter
Product Operations, Qubit


Updated Analytics Platform

Extended Product Capability

Increased Customer Engagement

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