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The Drill to Detail Podcast : 50th Episode Special and Top 10 Episodes by Download

I started the Drill to Detail Podcast series back in 2016 in order to talk about some of the innovations coming out of the big data analytics space with the product teams, industry analysts and consultants working together to deliver new-world, cloud-hosted big data analytics platforms.

A year-and-a-half later we’re at Episode 50 and to mark the occasion Stewart Bryson, our first guest on the show back at Episode 1 and a regular on the show since, comes back on and is joined by Alex Gorbachev to talk about Google Cloud Platform, Looker, FiveTran and SnowflakeDB, with the episode now available for download along with all 49 other episodes on the Drill to Detail Podcast website …

… and as we’re now at the 50th episode of the show, here’s the Top 10 episodes by download statistics as of January 2018 — thanks to everyone who’s come on the show and everyone who’s listened to the show via iTunes and other podcast providers, and congratulations to Maxime Beauchemin:

  1. Drill to Detail Ep.26 ‘Airflow, Superset & The Rise of the Data Engineer’ with Special Guest Maxime Beauchemin
  2. Drill to Detail Ep.21 ‘The Fall, and Rise, of Microsoft BI’ With Special Guest Chris Webb
  3. Drill to Detail Ep.31 ‘Dremel, Druid and Data Modeling on Google BigQuery’ With Special Guest Dan McClary
  4. Drill to Detail Ep.34 ‘Qlik, MSAS and the Strategy of Data Analytics’ with Special Guest Donald Farmer
  5. Drill to Detail Ep.48 ‘Mondrian OLAP, Apache Calcite and Database Dis-Aggregation’ With Special Guest Julian Hyde
  6. Drill to Detail Ep.25 ‘SAP BusinessObjects Analytics, AI and Digital Transformation’ With Special Guest Timo Elliott
  7. Drill to Detail Ep.27 ‘Apache Kafka, Streaming Data Integration and Schema Registry’ with Special Guest Gwen Shapira
  8. Drill to Detail Ep. 5 ‘SnowflakeDB, and is Data Modeling Dead?’ with Special Guest Kent Graziano
  9. Drill to Detail Ep.23 ‘Looker, BigQuery and Analytics on Big Data’ With Special Guest Daniel Mintz
  10. Drill to Detail Ep.6 ‘Data Capital and the Economics of Big Data’ with Special Guest Paul Sonderegger
OBIEE12c — Pushing-Up Daisies … or more Relevant than Ever in the World of BiModal IT?

Tomorrow I’m going back to my roots and presenting on Oracle BI at the UKOUG Business Analytics SIG Meeting in London, April 5th 2016, and following on from the recent Gartner Business Analytics Magic Quadrant 2016 I’ll be asking — is Oracle BI dead and buried …

… or is it more relevant than ever in the world of BiModal IT, and Mode 1 + Mode 2 Analytics?

You won’t be surprised to find that I think it’s the latter … as Gartner set out in their press releases and articles around Modern BI Platforms and Mode 1/Mode 2 analytics, the key now is for IT departments to enable users to perform their own analytics and explore data on their own, not by doing it themselves but by creating a platform, both on-premise and in the cloud, to make this possible.

OBIEE12c with it’s strong enterprise background and support for data discovery and external data mashups makes it the ideal platform for delivering Gartner’s vision of a BIModal modern BI platform — and if you’re not at the SIG meeting tomorrow, my slides are on Slideshare here :