A New Look for Rittman Analytics

Mark Rittman

If any of you have experience running a business, you’ll know that your own marketing efforts can get put on the back burner while client work takes priority. 

Well, that happened to us too.

For the last three years we’ve been working hard to advance the state of analytic engineering while our own website and company branding has received little attention 

Until now.

As we reflected on our work with our branding agency, STANCE, we didn’t want to simply give ourselves a new lick of paint. We wanted to clarify the circumstances and projects that lead to our best work. (Which, in turn, has led to a new and much needed lick of paint.)

In this update, I’ll be telling you about the future of the business and how we best plan to serve our clients in the future.

  1. Developing a competitive advantage by modernising your approach to data
  2. Building data excellence into the heart of businesses
  3. Data hungry start-ups and fast-growing businesses
  4. Refreshed brand identity
  5. The Rittman Analytics blog, and Drill to Detail Podcast

Developing a competitive advantage through data

If you’ve been through a rebrand, you’ll know it involves a bit of navel gazing coupled with insightful chats with your best clients to help you understand what makes you, you!

Through anecdotes and evidence, we heard that we help businesses become more competitive through modernising their approach to data analytics.

  • Monolithic BI suites that couldn’t scale were being replaced by modern, modular cloud-hosted data stacks.
  • Dashboards and reports that might have taken weeks to create can take minutes after one of our sprints.
  • Insights that might have been inaccurate or impossible to gather are now trusted and available as self-service to users

There’s no question in our mind: We believe businesses who modernise their data stack and the way they deliver insights can develop a true competitive advantage.

Building data excellence into the heart of businesses

Through our branding process, we have crystallised what constitutes data excellence and standardised how to embed it into a project. Our distilled offer helps business:

  • Define their data strategy
  • Implement a successful Modern Data Stack
  • Develop a strong data culture

Years of experience have taught us the needs of different industries, the data collection nuances of SaaS technologies and how best to structure their data for warehousing and transformation.


The upfront definition of a data strategy and wrap-around of a strong data culture are two traits that make a Rittman Analytics project even more successful. We’re excited to give them pride of place on our website in service of our mission: to build data excellence, a modern data stack and a mature analytics workflow into the heart of your business.


Data hungry start-ups and fast-growing businesses

After three years in business, we know a good customer fit when we see one. They’re typically either high-growth VC-funded startups or data teams within more established businesses looking to adopt the best characteristics of a tech startup, and typically within vertical industries we specialise in, including:

  • Ecommerce
  • SaaS
  • Edutech
  • Fintech
  • Marketplaces

What they all have in-common is the huge amounts of data they’re generating full of valuable signals each day, a volume of data that is rapidly outstripping their ability to model, transform and make insights available to the right people, at the right time and in the right format.

It might be the case that their data stack isn’t in the best of shape, is based on legacy technology that can no-longer scale or is missing capabilities that users now demand. It might be that they’re trying to “boil the ocean” by centralising all their data without a clear brief of what “success” looks like. 

Refreshed brand identity

As you encounter our new branded assets, we aim to imbue two concepts:

  • Architectural excellence
  • Data abstraction

What was the world of analytics like before analytics engineers? Messy. As engineers, we are here to build data excellence. You’ll see this in our diagrams and the structure of our site layout.

Yet, no two projects are identical, each with its own data intricacies. You’ll see this brought to life in abstract shapes, showing how we mould to your needs. 

Our colour palette adds a little charge and from time to time, you’ll see a grid that might remind you of a circuit board.

And we’ve not finished yet … there’s one more thing that’s coming later in the year that we’re even more excited about, and links all of this together. All-in good time though.

The Rittman Analytics blog

One area where we have focused over the years has been the blog. You’ll see many links to it over our site, adding meat to the bones of some of our marketing-friendly content.

Some of our content has become the de-facto resource for all things dbt and we encourage you to check out:

And finally … it’s almost the 100th episode of the Drill to Detail Podcast. We’ve got a great episode lined-up with three of our most popular episode guests, and a mystery special guest who I know will really make it an episode to remember.

That’s all from me. I hope you like our new website, offer and branding. If you would like to chat about our services, here is my Calendly link.

All the best,

Mark Rittman
CEO Rittman Analytics.