Presenting on dbt & Firebolt at the Budapest dbt Meetup, Tuesday 10th May 2022

Mark Rittman

If you found my blog post on using Firebolt Data Warehouse and Looker to analyze the Hacker News public dataset, I’m presenting a follow-on session at the Budapest dbt Meetup next Tuesday on using dbt with Firebolt data warehouse.

I’m co-presenting with Son N. Nguyen from another one of our partner, Budapest-based HiFly Labs, as Sonny and I have been working closely together on an implementation of Firebolt, dbt and Looker for one of our joint clients. I’ll be presenting remotely with Sonny there in-person, both of us answering questions during and after the presentation.

If you’re interested in finding out how Firebolt data warehouse works and how the new Firebolt dbt adapter helps you load, transform and index huge volumes of high-value analytics datasets, either come along to the meetup if you’re in the area or connect remotely and watch the webcast. I’m looking forward to it!