Happy 10th Birthday Google BigQuery …!

Mark Rittman

It’s the 10th Anniversary of the introduction of Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Platform’s data warehousing platform-as-a-service, and we were pleased to be able to say “Happy Birthday” along with a few others from the BigQuery community!


We love working with Google BigQuery as our preferred data warehousing platform on client engagements, and you can read more about how we’ve been using BigQuery for Multi-Channel Marketing Attribution, Customer Journey and Lifetime Value Analytics, Event-Level Digital Analytics and other customer and product analytics use-cases in a series of articles on our blog.


Over at the Drill to Detail Podcast we’ve had Jordan Tigiani, Director of Product Management for Google BigQuery on the show to talk about the history of BigQuery and how it emerged from Google’s internal Dremel service, and the year before we were very pleased to be joined by Felipe Hoffa, Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform talking with us about getting started with BigQuery and Google’s developer APIs.

And we also run our own internal business analytics on Google BigQuery as we described on our blog a couple of years ago, and more recently we’ve made the framework we use to build our customer data warehouses using BigQuery, dbt, Stitch and Fivetran available as a public git repo and dbt package at Github.


The docs for the repo describe a number of ways we use unique features of BigQuery solve common data centralization problems including how to merge and deduplicate customer and contact records across multiple SaaS data sources.


Happy 10th Birthday Google BigQuery, and we’re looking forward to ten more years of great product innovation and usage as our preferred data warehousing platform service for client, and internal, projects!