Presenting on Looker Data Platform and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse at the UKOUG Analytics Modernisation Summit – tomorrow, 8th Oct. 2019

Mark Rittman

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud (ADWC) brings elastic-scaling, easy cloud provisioning and Exadata performance improvements to Oracle Data Warehousing customers, making this new Oracle Database Cloud technology an ideal database storage and compute layer to work with the next-generation Looker Data Platform.

Our use of Oracle ADWC on client projects was profiled in an article in Forbes last year and we’ve spoken at events such as Oracle Open World and the UK Oracle User Group on the agility that Oracle ADWC brings to enterprises that had previously only been possible at small tech startups.

“How A Big Business Can Use An Autonomous Database To Move Like A Startup” —“How A Big Business Can Use An Autonomous Database To Move Like A Startup” —

“How A Big Business Can Use An Autonomous Database To Move Like A Startup” —

But it’s no use bringing agility to your data warehousing platform if your analytics are still stuck in the old, monolithic era when projects take months or years to complete rather than just a few weeks and your developers are forced to work together by sharing binary repository files in Dropbox with version numbers appended to the file name … a process I know all too well having written the book on it back in 2012.

Looker brings a truly modern and agile software and content development approach to business analytics taking concepts such as the business semantic model, single version of the truth and metadata-driven native SQL generation and updating it for today’s multi-cloud, speed-of-thought analytics tool users.

If you’re an Oracle Database or Applications user and you’re interested in how Looker Data Platform can make your analytics truly agile and enable your multi-cloud strategy, I’m speaking on this topic at the UK Oracle User Group Analytics Modernisation Summit in London tomorrow, Tuesday, 8th October 2019 at 2.10pm.

Screenshot 2019-10-07 at 23.02.22.pngScreenshot 2019-10-07 at 23.02.22.png

In “Democratise your Oracle Data Analytics using Oracle ADWC and Looker Data Platform” I’ll outline the key features of Looker in the context of traditional ways of developing BI content on-top of Oracle database source data and highlight key areas in which Looker leverages Oracle ADWC and Oracle 18c/19c database features.


I’ll also show how Looker can work across multiple cloud providers without lock-in or extensive configuration, and explain how Looker development really does deliver on the promise of agile development and rapid time-to-value.

Until then, you can find out more about our data analytics, data engineering and data strategy services for Oracle, Looker, Snowflake and Google Cloud Platform customers on our company website, or contact me at [email protected] to find out more now.