Rittman Analytics is now a UK Consulting Partner for dbt (“Data Build Tool”)

Mark Rittman

We’re very pleased to announce that Rittman Analytics is now an official Consulting Partner for dbt, working with our clients, the community and the wider dbt ecosystem to get the most out of this open-source analytics framework and accompanying commercial dbtCloud service.

You can read more about the role of Consulting Partners on the new Ecosystem page on the getdbt website and while you’re there, check-out comments from real-world users of dbt including one of ours, an excerpt from our recent blog post on How Rittman Analytics does Analytics.

In that blog post we talked about how Rittman Analytics used dbt as part of our modular “extract, transform and load” data loading approach when preparing data ready for use with Looker:


Since launching the company last year we’ve built-up a fair bit of experience implementing dbt and dbtCloud on several clients projects in areas such as

  • transforming event-based (Segment, mParticle), data pipeline (Stitch, Fivetran) and batch-loaded raw data sourced from SaaS, Telco, web application and other data sources

  • using Snowflake Data Warehouse, Postgres and Google BigQuery as sources/targets

  • integrating with GitHub, AWS CodeCommit for local/remote branch-based git development

  • creation of automated CI/CD dbt build test pipelines using dbtCloud and AWS CodeBuild/CodePipeline

If you’re new to dbt or interested in how we use dbt and dbtCloud both internally and on client projects, check out our three recent blog posts on this topic:

and conversations we’ve had in the past with Tristan Handy, CEO and co-founder of Fishtown Analytics (primary sponsors of dbt) on our Drill to Detail Podcast:

Contact us now or email [email protected] if you’d like any help, or advice on your dbt implementation – we’re UK-based with clients in London, northern Europe the USA.