Rittman Analytics is now a Segment Certified Implementation Partner

Mark Rittman

In our recent blog posts on How Rittman Analytics does Analytics: Modern BI Stack Operational Analytics and Customer Journey and Lifetime Value Analytics we talked about using services from our partners at Stitch, Fivetran and Segment to connect and integrate data ready for analysis with Looker.

So far we’ve worked with joint Segment/Looker/Rittman Analytics customers such as Let’s Do This to build customer and product analytics platforms on-top of Segment’s rich, event-level behavioural datasets. Now we’re pleased to announce that Rittman Analytics is now a Certified Implementation Partner for Segment, giving us the ability implement Segment Connections along with Segment Personas (Customer Data Platform) and Segment Protocols (Data Quality) on client analytics and wider digital marketing / digital transformation projects.


Look-out for more information on how we’re using Segment technology together with modern, modular cloud analytics services from Looker, Stitch, Fivetran, Snowflake and Google Cloud Platform over the coming weeks, and if we can help with any of your Segment implementation questions just get in-touch at [email protected].

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