MJR Analytics is now Rittman Analytics … and an Update on our First Six Months

Mark Rittman

As of last Friday our company name has changed from MJR Analytics to Rittman Analytics. Nothing else has changed in-terms of ownership or services we provide but we wanted to take advantage of our ability now to put our name and reputation front-and-centre of our branding and website. All emails to our old @mjr-analytics.com domain will automatically redirect, and any links pointing to //www.mjr-analytics.com will automatically redirect to //rittmananalytics.com.

Other than changing our name, since our launch last September we’ve worked with a number of great customers together with our vendor partners, with five of those projects written-up as case studies and customer quotes in the Customers section of our website:

  • Colourpop : eCommerce and customer analytics using Shopify, Redshift and Looker

  • Let’s Do This : eCommerce/conversion analytics using Segment, Redshift and Looker

  • Florence : Operational analytics, retention and RFM segmentation using Looker and PostgreSQL

  • INTO University Partnerships : Digital Analytics Strategy for MS PowerBI and Heap Analytics

  • Qubit : Data Engineering and customer/personalization analytics using Google BigQuery and Looker

We’re also co-chaired and helped organize the recent Looker London Dev Meetup together with Jon Palmer from GoCardless, and presented a short session on Improving your User Engagement with Looker’s new System Activity Model – look out for the next Meetup in June later this year!


Looker is our primary, strategic vendor partner and since our launch last year we’ve also partnered with selected vendors that provide features complementary to Looker:

  • Segment for integrating event-level data sources, single customer view and data quality

  • Fivetran for no-ops data pipelines

  • Qubit for consumer behavioural, segmentation and personalization analytics

  • Snowflake for no-ops cloud data warehousing-as-a-service

  • Oracle for enterprise-level analytics and ERP/CRM integration

We’re also now recruiting for our first permanent consulting roles to work alongside myself and our team of experienced contract developers and data scientist, and we’re looking forward to being one of the sponsors for the upcoming Looker Join 2019 event in London – see some of you there if not sooner!