Drill to Detail Podcast Returns with Ep.60 ‘A Deeper Look Into Looker’ With Special Guest Lloyd Tabb

Mark Rittman

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One of our CEO and founder Mark Rittman’s side projects is the Drill to Detail Podcast, a podcast series where Mark interviews a special guest each episode to talk about their work, their products and their take on the analytics, big data and data management industry.

Drill to Detail is now on its 60th episode and now starts its third season with Mark joined by Lloyd Tabb, Founder, CTO and Chairman of Looker to talk about the foundational story of Looker and LookML, query latency and semantic models, analytic engines and code IDEs, analytics developer workflows and the rise of cloud elastically-scalable databases, packaged applications and embedded analytics and why learning (and loving) are the long-term keys to analytics and business success.