Slides from My “New World Hadoop Architectures (& What Problems They Really Solve) for Oracle DBAs”…

Mark Rittman

If you enjoyed my post the other day about BigQuery, Looker and Big Data’s Rediscovery of Data Warehousing … at Google Scale I’ve uploaded the slides on a talk I gave today on this topic at the UKOUG Database and RAC SIG event in London.

The idea for the session came from a request from one of the SIG member to come in and talk about why these “new-world” Hadoop and NoSQL technologies were introduced over the years, what problem they solved at the time and how they solved it. The presentation goes through the various evolutions of data warehousing and big data technologies over the years since 2003 and finishes off with a look at the Google Cloud Platform and Oracle Elastic Compute Big Data platforms I’m using in the work I’m doing today.

Thanks again to the UKOUG for hosting the event in London, and to Patrick Hurley and the SIG committees for inviting me to speak.