Slides from “The Story Behind the 11hr Cup of Tea, Wifi Kettles, & How it Was All About… Data”…

Mark Rittman

I was asked to speak at an analytics customer event in London today on the story behind the WiFi kettle and my 11hr tea-making marathon, and the wider story around of my work with IoT and wearable device data along with Oracle Big Data, Cloudera Hadoop and open-source Python tools to help me lead a healthier lifestyle and add smarts and intelligence to the devices in my home. The slides are here:

If there’s interest I’ll post an update soon on how I hardened the IoT and wearable device data feeds by using StreamSets and Kafka to load data directly into Impala and Kudu, as I hint at in the final slides in the deck, with AirB&B’s open source-donated Caravel BI tool as a front-end reporting in real-time on my key health and smart home metrics.