Interested in Oracle, Big Data, ML and next-gen Analytics in the Enterprise?

Mark Rittman

Most readers of this blog I’m guessing will be aware of meetups, self-organizing groups of people who share a common interest in topics such as dinner parties, Haskell programming, business startups and citizen data science projects (to name just four running in Hove, for example, next week). Meetups in my opinion are a great complement to the larger and more formal user groups most people are more familiar with, playing a role similar to tech startups in that they can try out new ideas, experiment with formats and “move fast and break things” while working out how best to get people together and have some fun in the process. I recently spoke at a Big Data meetup in Dublin and before that, a BI meetup organized by my good friend Mogens Norgaard in Copenhagen, and the level of interest, enthusiasm and amount of younger faces I saw in the audience really impressed me.

So … I recently volunteered to take over running the Oracle Big Data 4 the Enterprise Meetup after previous organizer Aiden Irwin (Oracle Corporation) stood down, and this evening emailed the meetup membership to introduce myself and see if there’s interest in a meetup before year-end. When I saw this group was about to lapse I stepped-in because this area is so imporant to me, and it’s so key to every Oracle customer’s BI, analytics, data integration and IT innovation strategy; I’ve written to the members to see if there’s interest and volunteers to get a meetup in-place for November, and also maybe an informal event at the UKOUG Tech + Apps conference in Birmingham first week in December — and of course we’d welcome any new meetup members who want to sign-up (for free) and come along to one of the meets.

The Oracle Big Data 4 the Enterprise meetup homepage has details of the meetup objectives and scope, downloads for past events and more details on what I’m proposing for the event in November and possibly at conference in December if there’s sufficient interest. If you’ve got any ideas or have any questions just add a comment here or drop me a line at [email protected], and I may even bring the kettle along to the first meeting as special guest, as long as the celebrity status doesn’t start going to it’s head and giving it ideas about who the talent really is in our partnership.