Drill to Detail Ep.2. “The Future of SQL-on-Hadoop” with Special Guest Dan McClary

Mark Rittman

This is a good one.

Most of you will know Dan McClary as the product manager at Oracle for Big Data SQL, and more recently he’s now moved to Google to work on their storage and big data projects. If you’ve met Dan or heard him speak you’ll know he’s not only super-smart and very knowledgable about Hadoop, but he’s great to get into a conversation with .. which is why I was particularly pleased to have him on as the special guest on the Episode 2 of my new podcast series, Drill to Detail.

In this new episode Dan and I discuss the state of the SQL-on-Hadoop market and where he’s seeing the innovation; how the mega-vendors are contributing to, extending and competing with the Hadoop ecosystem; and what he’s seeing coming out of the likes of Google, Yahoo and other Hadoop innovators that may well make its way into the next Apache Hadoop project. You can download the podcast recording from the Drill to Detail website, and it’s just about to go live on iTunes where you can subscribe and automatically receive future episodes — and you certainly won’t want to miss the next one, believe me.