What we do

Increasing your Analytics Capability

Centred around the creation of a modern data stack, our consulting offer includes defining the most appropriate data strategy for your organisation, building a mature analytics workflow, and skilling up your team by developing a strong data culture.



We'll assess your current state and analytics goals, and work with you to define a strategy to increase your analytics capability


Data Stack

We're experts in the modern data stack and can help you select, design and implement a data stack to centralize your data and makes it available using modern, self-service BI tools



We’ll help you hire and form your data team, embed a mature analytics workflow and spread data literacy through your operation to bring more data into decision making.

How we work

Agile two-week delivery sprints

We deliver our projects in agile analytics sprints of two-weeks duration. Each sprint has a fixed set of agreed deliverables, directed as part of an overall product roadmap.

Sprint goals

Each sprint starts by understanding the sprint goals and reviewing items in the delivery backlog, followed by a sprint planning session where items are selected from the backlog for delivery and re-prioritised.

Pick the strongest

Sprints then go through a common cycle starting with pairing sessions to discover and agree a design, followed by build work on the data model, data transformations and dashboard build.

Quick check ups

We run 15 minute sprint meetings on alternate days to keep team members in-sync. We operate using a CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous delivery) pipeline, running retrospectives at the end of each sprint.

Sprint deep dive

Iterative delivery of an analytics roadmap

A typical project roadmap starts with a sprint for discovery, source data audit and planning and then delivers the core warehouse and first data sources over a three month period. Rittman Analytics are a Preferred Consulting Partner for dbt and deliver each sprint using a modern, software development-based analytics workflow that leverages our data warehousing framework for fast time-to-value.

Remote delivery

All of our work is delivered remotely from our team based in the UK and Canada, using Slack, Zoom and Jira and working closely with your data team as we introduce our delivery workflow.

Here for you

Every sprint has a named Analytics Engineer as your main day-to-day contact, supported by a Customer Success Manager and our CEO, Mark Rittman, as executive sponsor and technical lead. Our delivery sprints are resourced on a fractional basis with each analytics engineer typically looking after two client projects at any one time.